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Oil Changes----------------------------------starts at $29.99 up to $225.00

Customer's Oil and Filter $25.00 on Smaller Vehicles (15 Minutes)

Oil and Filter Change

  1. Change Oil and Filter
  2. Reset Light (if procedure is available)

​Medium Oil Change​​---.5 hour Labor $34.50 + Materials and Disposal

  1. Ck Tires 
  2. Top Fluids Off
  3. Inspect Belts and Hoses
  4. Inspect and Change Wiper Blades
  5. Reset Light (if procedure is available)

Premium Oil Change---1.0 Hour Labor $69.00 + Materials and Disposal

  1. Ck Tires
  2. Top Fluids Off
  3. Inspect Belts and Hoses
  4. Inspect and Change Wiper Blades
  5. Ck and Change Air Filter
  6. Ck and Change Cabin Filter/or Vaccume Front Floor
  7. Wash Windshields
  8. Reset Light (if procedure is available)

Synthetic Oil Change---1 Hour Labor $69.00 + Materials and Disposal

  1. Install Premium Filter
  2. Install 100% Synthetic  Fluid
  3. Premium Cks and Services

Batteries----------From $69.99 thru $286.99 Depending on Application

Alternators-------From $129.99 thru $499.99 Depending on Application

Starters------------From $99.99 thru $399.99 Depending on Application

Electrical (Vehicle)--------Hourly from $69-110.00 Hourly Depending Application

Car Washing and Detailing

  • Car Wash--------from $25.00-$50.00 Depending how dirty
  • Wash and Wax from $100.00 Depending on Size
  • Mini-detail-----from $138.00-207.00 (2-3 hours)

Lockouts------------------from $75.00 Cash to $85.00 on Credit Card​

Lockouts on Big Rigs and U-Hauls (Over the Cab Trucks) $160.00

Lockouts on House----picking starts at $95.00 drilling starts at $160.00

​Spare Tire Installation starts at $50.00

Check Engine Light Diagnosis starts at $34.50

Fuel Pressure Tests start at $34.50

Fuel Filter Replacement starts at $34.50

Coolant System Test starts at $34.50

Air Conditioning Recharge starts at $39.99-$135.00 + Freon

Safety Inspection for Out-of Town Trip starts at $34.50

Used Car Inspection Starts at $69.00 

Service Calls in Kingman starts at $35.00 Veterans and Seniors $30.00

Service Calls Around Kingman $65.00 up to 20 Miles then $3.95 Per Mile

Service Calls in Kingman (weekend and emergency) starts at $75.00

Service Calls by the mile $3.95 or Time Plus Fuel; Veterans or Seniors 62 and Older $2.49 Per Mile 

Automotive Labor Rates are: $69.00 for Light Duty

  • ​$110.00 for Heavy Duty
  • $110.00 for Sublet
  • $75.00 for Golf Carts ​
  • $65.00 for Handyman Services (Generally 2 Hour Min on some circumstances) We do smaller jobs too.  Just Call us and we will discuss it.

Wedding Ceremony: Starts at $100.00 plus Fees

Mobile Weddings are Custom Tailored to Clients Needs Starting at: $200.00 and up


a Art's Auto Repair & Handyman, LLC

Special Services Include:

Wedding Ceremonies

Minister Services

Parties and Gatherings

Lawn and Garden Care

Ceiling Fan Installation

Sprinkler Repair

Custom Business Cards and Designing

Graphic Design

Vinyl Signage

Website Assistance

Auto Repair, Handyman and Minister and Party Fees

Special Services

Not a Licensed Contractor

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