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King Art's Kingman Mini Golf

 Laws of the Kingdom

1. No Illegal Drugs

2. Max of two 4 Oz Drinks Per Participant

3. Participants must Insure the safety of those around them4. Time Limit of 1 Hour per event
5. Tournament Consists of Three Events6. Adult Games are such, nudity and profanity must be sanctioned by the host
7. All Props must be treated with respect8. Royal Customs and Courtesies are in effect
9. Role Playing is part of the party10. Party is Limited to 12 -24 People
11. Children's Events will include Golf, Checkers, Penny Pitching, Building Camelot, Shadows over Camelot12. No Alcohol or Profanity will be sanctioned in front of minors
13. Music is Provided but if the host wants to provide some, it has to be compatible with our system14. Filthy or Vulger Music is Inappropriate in front of minors
15. Costs starting at $99.00 for 2 hours of rental (includes travel and set up time in Kingman). Parties start at $35.00 per head. Price quotes are available by phone or email.16. Time Limit of the party will be set up at the time of the agreement
17. Refund Policy will be in the Agreement18. Local Authorities will be informed of the party to help provide safety and to prevent drug use
19. Host will designate a "smoking area" for the group20. Violators will be subject to the King! LOL
21. Neither King Art nor His Company will be held responsible for injuries that may be sustained during the party

 Rules and Prices are Listed Below and Subject to Change

This Course is customizable to your skill and dexterity levels...i.e. children and seniors are a level 1; adults 25-60 are level 2; youth and adults 16-24 are level 3

Rent the Course or Have a Party; this course is brought to you!

Prices starting at $99.00 or $199.00 per Party!

  1. Example of a Schdule
  2. Schedule of Events
  3. Prep Time (2 Hour)
  4. Meet and Greet (Sign Up for Events) 30 Minute
  5. Event # 1 (One Hour)
  6. Event # 2 (One Hour)
  7. Event #3 (One Hour)
  8. Pychic Reading (Crystal Ball)
  9. Awards and Knighting (One Hour)
  10. Party Over (6.5 Hour Party)
  11. Clean Up 1 Hour
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King Art's Kingman Mini Golf 

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