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Amazing service! He was an angel helping me and my friends out in the middle of night on a sunday night. He was able to get the spare tire from underneath our car with his own tools bc we didnt have the kit for removing the spare when everbody we called said they couldn't help with our particular situation. Very professional and he worked very hard (our car - truck was full of heavy items). We couldn't be happier. Thank you so much! 

7/18/2013 Yelp.com

I stopped at a truck stop to get gas 15 miles outside of Kingman. I get back in my car and it will not start. And it wasn't a simple battery failure, the car would do everything but start.

The truck stop offered to try to jump start my car and this was the only automobile service available. Because this was a Sunday my options were few: Call a tow truck, spend the night in Kingman and find a repair shop in the morning or I could call a mobile mechanic.

I chose A Arts Mobile Auto Repair because he had the most ads in the phone book (The Internet was no help. There were no online reviews).

Art is an ASE certified mechanic just like my mechanic back home. He tried the easy (cheap $) solutions first and but it was time to race the starter. Art told me his diagnosis, the procedures involved, his time estimate and the cost.

The next 3 hours were a whirlwind of activity. Art pulled the starter out of my luxe Japanese car, drove me to the Kingman to confirm the starter was bad, picked up the new starter, drove back and replaced the starter. At night in the driveway of a truck stop gas station.

2000 miles later and no further problems.

Kingman-Bullhead City-Lake Havasu City


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