Kingman-Bullhead City-Lake Havasu City

Since 2005

Not a Licensed Contractor


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Art has a tremendous

amount of global experience:

Lived On 3 different Continents

Served 37 years in the U.S Army

Served an 18 Month Mission for the LDS Church

Has Taught Various Levels of Technical Classes

He was an interpreter in American Sign Language

Been Trained by the best Soldiers on the Planet, the British Special Air Service (SAS)

Technically Art has an equivalent education to that of many higher educated individuals even though his credit hours are around the two year level of college.

Art has a broad base of knowledge in:

Automotive Technology

​Military Leadership

Archaeology 1






Ancient Manuscripts

Art and Music


We have been serving Kingman-lake havasu city-Bullhead City since 2005

Some of Art's Hobbies are:

Coin Collecting 

Riding His Harley

Four Wheeling in His Jeep

Art Collecting

Writing Music and Playing the Harmonica

​Playing Golf, Pool and Ping Pong


Why Auto Repair and Handyman?

Art Jones has been around cars all of his life and he really enjoys the satisfaction of fixing a problem.  That goes along in the Handyman business too.  He even had a dreamin Vegas about owning a mobile auto repair business.

He is open 24 hours a day and usually answers his phone when other people are already in bed.

He will travel to most any spot within the areas of Kingman, Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City, AZ

Art loves the Veterans and the Seniors cause most of them know what is going on and either can't do it themselves or just are in a situation that they need help.

Art has a thirst for knowledge and although he has a lot of knowledge and experience he is not a "know it all" or a "do it all".  There are those individuals around that have that attitude and they can keep it to themselves...

Art favors the LDS Church for doctrinal reasons, yet sees great virtues in other denominations for their charity and good will.  He does not believe in vampires or zombies, but is open to ghosts and aliens even though he has seen neither. He believes that the universe is too large not to have other intelligent life out there, and he is just not sure what the after life holds for us.      

He is a southerner by birth and traditions and he feels that the Republican Party has better answers than the Democrats, but the best person for the job is the one who should get it. He feels that bigotry and prejudice are very painful and hurtful.

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