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" A short note to thank you again for your excellent service on our motorcoach. You were on time every time and brought the right tools and the right knowledge to the job. We are pleased with the service you rendered and have and will continue to recommend you to our friends and neighbors. "

Tom & Nichole Erickson
Kingman, Arizona

Camila T.
San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA

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[5.0 star rating]

Art is amazing. If you have problems with your car, GO TO HIM. My dad opened my hood and didn't close it right (he will never touch my car again) and when I tried to open it again, one side was stuck and the other side was loose. I was worried that if while my dad, mom and I were driving, the hood would come up on the interstate. So obviously I was desperate for some help on a Saturday night. I personally called Art after we got to his location provided on Yelp. He told me he was sick with the flu and was unable to come outside to help. I totally understand because it was horrible weather and coming outside would only make him sicker. After his own convincing, he came to take a look and got the job done. He figured it out after some serious persevering because we could not figure out what was wrong with the hood. But he did it and I have never been happier with the service and the outcome. To Art if you are reading this, thank you. I appreciate you and good luck to you in the future.

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Alexandra R.
Los Angeles, CA

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[5.0 star rating]

Art went above and beyond to help me fix my 1988 dodge van. I called and explained the trouble I was having and that I was in a time crunch, he said bring it on by and he would look at it. After checking he said it was definitely my alternator but it's possible that it could be more but it would take getting in there to figure it out. He was very up front about the different options that could happen and the cost for everything. Once he replaced the alternator and realized it still wasn't getting a charge from the battery we took it to his friend who specializes in auto electrical. A few hours later and she was fixed and ready to go! Art saved the day.  I was really grateful for his honesty and for working as hard as he did. 

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Sandy B.
Dallas, TX

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[5.0 star rating]

Art saved our evening and our vacation.  We got locked out of our rented RV while parked for the night at Kingman KOA. Brought dinner to the picnic table, door slammed shut and locked. Thanks KOA, for knowing who to call. Art came within a few minutes and worked his magic. Super nice guy to work with too.  I'd call on him for any job. 

Art Jones moved to Kingman, AZ in 2004 following his first tour to Iraq with a Heavy Equipment Transportation Company out of Las Vegas, NV, in which he served for 13 years.

Art set up A Art's Auto Repair and Handyman in October of 2005 and has been in business for 11 years as of Oct 2016.

He is from the beautiful state of Kentucky from a small town called Mount Washington, and his southern roots promotes his "Southern Hospitality".

Art joined the Army on 13 Feb 1979 as a Cavalry Scout (19D Recon) and reclassified into Transportation as a Heavy Duty Truck Driver (88M) and later reclassified again as an Inland Cargo Handling Specialist (88H). He retired officially on 18 Feb 2016.

 Retired After 37 Years of service